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Chris Collins discusses Northwestern's early season performance

Watch Collins talk about Northwestern's start to the season and take a look at what Bryant McIntosh and Vic Law had to say at practice.

-Collins said the Cancun Challenge was a great learning experience for the team, but it's good for the team to get some practice time at home.

-"It's been good to get back home and get to work and really have some practice time. We had that stretch of six games in twelve days, so we didn't really practice. All we did was walk through game prep. When you have a lot of young players, you need to keep practicing because all this stuff is new to them," Collins said.

-Collins said JerShon Cobb is trying to adjust to some of his physical limitations and not being as explosive or quick after the injuries.

-Collins said they were hurt by late-clock breakdowns and on the offensive boards against Northern Iowa. He added that those are two strengths of Georgia Tech, and cleaning those areas up will be important in Wednesday's game. He said Georgia Tech's "strength is in their power." They play two big guys together a lot and matching their physicality will have to be a team effort.

-Collins stressed that the offense needs to improve in cutting, screening and taking the right shots. He said, "With our team this year, we don't have one or two guys that are going to score 15 to 18 points. What we have I think are six, seven guys that can get double figures in a game, and what we have to do in a game is piece that together and find a way to get that offensive production. To me, that can be a dangerous thing."

-Vic Law said youth isn't an excuse anymore and the youth has played enough basketball to know the college game.

-Law said he has to keep being more aggressive, get to rim more often. He said each game is its own "beast" and  each one needs to be a step in the right direction, getting ready for the Big Ten.

-Bryant McIntosh discussed how he has prepared to play so many minutes, "It's a lot of making sure your taking care of your body. A lot of ice baths, recovery boots, stay off your feet when you get an opportunity and rest. And make sure you keep your weight up. That's probably the hardest thing for me is to kind of force myself to eat sometimes when I'm not hungry."

-McIntosh said a good team learns how to get a bucket when they are going through scoring droughts, like they experienced in Cancun.

-McIntosh on Cancun: "We spent a lot of time together. It was a good bonding experience, playing pool volleyball and everything. I think that was one of the highlights of that trip."