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Chris Collins postgame notes: Georgia Tech

Comments from Northwestern's head coach following the Wildcats' loss to Georgia Tech.

Caylor Arnold-USA TODAY Sports

Here's what Chris Collins had to say following Northwestern's 66-58 loss to Georgia Tech:

- Collins began his press conference talking about Northwestern's slow start, stating what is pretty obvious to everyone: "You cannot spot a good team 20 points and expect to win." Well, we may not be convinced Georgia Tech is "good," but the sentiment is true.

- Collins said that his team has had a bunch of slow starts this season. To address that issue, he hinted at potentially changing up the starting lineup. "Maybe we have to start a different group," he said. "We've now started a number of games poorly. That's something that's been a recurring theme. Everything's on the table." Collins referenced his willingness to start a bunch of different combos when he mentioned the he "even started James Montgomery a couple games."

- Northwestern really struggled shooting the ball, especially from deep. The team went an astounding 4-23 (17.4 percent). "We've got work to do," Collins said. "We've got to get better. I'm a little dumbfounded by our shooting because it's not indicative of the kind of shooters we have...A lot of you will study them analytically but a lot of them were wide open shots."

- Collins indicated that he felt the team played pretty solid defense outside the first 10 minutes. One issue, though, was containing guard penetration from the perimeter. "That was a problem, especially at the end of clocks," Collins said. "We've got to get in position to not get beat off the dribble."