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Northwestern plays Michigan State in basketball!

Now that we don't expect to win, Northwestern might win, right?

David Banks-USA TODAY Sports

Northwestern plays No. 9 Michigan State in basketball! AAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

I still think Michigan State is the best team in the country when they're healthy. Luckily for Northwestern, they'renot healthy: Keith Appling, one of the best guards in college hoops, is out, and so is Branden Dawson, also a key cog for Spartans. So that gives Northwestern some reasons to be hopeful.

But on the other hand, we just lost to Nebraska, and now we're going to play a team that beat us at home on the road. Of course, the last time we played a team that beat us at home on the road, it was Wisconsin, and then we beat them in the Kohl Center. And now that none of us actually expect Northwestern to win, they actually might, right?

Go Cats and stuff. I'm gonna be working and watching the Olympics and stuff with this on a second screen.