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Northwestern plays Ohio State in basketball!

Stop talking about unions, guys. We got hoops to watch.


Northwestern plays Ohio State in basketball!

Games against Ohio State in basketball always end in pain. Well, the ones at home always end in pain. The ones on the road typically just end in beatdowns, and luckily, this one is on the road!

I suppose if Northwestern were going to win some games down the stretch, this wouldn't be the craziest one. Because, of course, it is the craziest one: Ohio State is the best team left on NU's schedule, and it's in Columbus. But the Wildcats have won random road games -- more so than random home games -- and Ohio State is pretty much just a random number generator at this point. So let's see how it goes!

But hey, at least it isn't Northwestern athletes talking about how crappy Northwestern football is, which is the alternative these days. It's a fun time to be a Northwestern Wildcats sports fan, just like every other day of the year! Wheeeee!

I still say we got that first down. I don't need evidence.