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Cerina suspended following scuffle with OSU (VIDEO)

Nikola Cerina will be suspended for Northwestern's game at home against Indiana on Saturday following a skirmish that broke out toward the end of Northwestern's 76-60 loss at Ohio State.

Cerina and Ohio State's Amir Williams had been going at it for a while during the game but the battle escalated as the two were tangled up underneath OSU's basket.

In an attempt to release himself from Williams, it appeared that Cerina took a swing at the junior center, leading to the one-game suspension.

OSU's LaQuinton Ross came in late at the end of the scuffle and pushed both Cerina and Drew Crawford.

After much deliberation, the referees determined that both Cerina and Ross would be ejected from the game.

Here's the full statement on the incident from lead official Ray Perone: