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Northwestern vs. Nebraska in basketball indifferent face

We gotta watch this i guess

Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Spor

Hello fronds! It's Saturday afternoon, and I'm working, which means I've spent all day watching good college basketball. Now, it's time for me to watch bad college basketball! NU vs. NU! For an imaginary trophy shaped like a giant letter N!

You might remember Nebraska from when they beat Northwestern back when we thought the Wildcats could eke out an NIT bid. What jerks. I hate them and hope bad basketball things happen to them. I hope Northwestern wins because I want to remember what it feels like for a sports team to win a sports game.

JerShon Cobb is out for the season, if you didn't hear. I didn't post about it because Northwestern is doomed regardless, but hopefully this means we see something positive from, like, Ionno, Nate Taphorn? And hopefully he's back next year to do nice things when we have nice players.

Game's on ESPNU. Go Cats and stuff.