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Let's watch Northwestern's Jason Tsirtis try to win the 149-pound wrestling NCAA Championship

Northwestern has a pretty awesome freshman wrestler, so take a break from the Northwestern-less NCAA hoops tournament to see him maybe win a title.


Hey gang! Northwestern is NOT in the NCAA Tournament for the 75th straight year, so instead of being sad, let's watch Northwestern try to win a national championship in something!

Jason Tsirtsis is a freshman for NU in the 149-pound weight class, and he is a badass. He's 31-3 on the year, won the Big Ten championship, and earned the No. 5 seed in the NCAA championships. In the semifinal against No. 1 Drake Houdashelt of Missouri, Tsirtsis earned a 2-1 win, getting the decisive point on an escape with just one second to go in overtime. And oh yeah, he picked up a monster cut on his face:

Quite frankly, he should win: he goes up against No. 11 Joshua Kindig of Oklahoma State. That said, it'll be a home match for Kindig, as the national championships are in Oklahoma City. HOW IS THAT FAIR, NCAA?!?!?!?!

Tsirtsis is the first Northwestern freshman EVER to reach the finals, and would be the first NCAA Champion for NU since Jake Herbert in 2009. Go Cats, and stuff!