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Northwestern plays Penn State. Drew Crawford's senior night

One last night up in Welsh-Ryan for Drew Crawford.

Mary Langenfeld-USA TODAY Sports

It's Senior Night at Northwestern. This is important for three reasons:

1. We get to say goodbye to James Montgomery III and Nikola Cerina, two guys who practiced for Northwestern a lot and got to contribute as seniors.

2. Since the game is against Penn State, we could -- hypothetically, we should -- win. This would put us a game clear of Penn State in the standings for last place, and tie us with Illinois. Hahahahahahahaha. Hahaha. Illinois.

It would be neat not to be in last place in the Big Ten standings. Earlier in the year, we were shooting for not 0-18. Now, it's useful to shoot for not-last-place. It would also increase our chances of winning the Big Ten Tournament, of course.

3. We get to say goodbye to a hugely important Northwestern basketball player, Drew Crawford. Drew fought his heart out for NU for five years, and although he wasn't the guy to get NU to the tourney, he helped NU get soooooo cloooooooose, and will be remembered as the guy that helped sparkplug the Chris Collins era. We'll miss Drew, and we'll talk about him more.

That's reason enough to watch. Now, I have to go get beers, since it's my damn night off.