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NU Spring Practice Notes: 3/6

- It's spring practice, so lineups will change. However, there was an interesting look on the defensive line today. With Ifeadi Odenigbo, Deonte Gibson, Chance Carter and Sean McEvilly all out for spring practice, we're going to get a look at a lot of young players. Today's first team d-line had Dean Lowry and Eric Joraskie at defensive end, and Greg Kuhar and C.J. Robbins at tackle. There has been some speculation over Joraskie moving to tackle to help with depth there, but Joraskie said he has lost weight and the plan all along has been for him to be at end. He played a 5-2 in high school, so this system is a little different, but he'll be a 4-3 DE (though NU lists him as a DT online). At tackle, it will be interesting to see if Kuhar and Robbins can become productive members of the rotation.

- Jimmy Hall didn't practice today, so the linebacker corps consisted of Chi Chi Ariguzo at WILL, Collin Ellis at MIKE and Drew Smith at SAM. Ellis has played MIKE before, but is more of an outside linebacker. However, Fitzgerald spoke highly of Ellis and seemed comfortable with him playing there. The second team linebackers today were Joseph Jones and Brett Walsh on the outside, and Anthony Walker and Jaylen Prater splitting time in the middle. Lots of talent, but lots of inexperience there.

- Jayme Taylor was out there a lot at superback. Obviously, Vitale is the guy there, but look for Taylor to get a lot of action. Mike McHugh also saw a lot of time.

- Fitz said that in order to be in the conversation for playing time, Matt Alviti has to learn the offense better. Obviously, he's behind Trevor Siemian and Zack Oliver in that regard.

- Fitz said he's against the 10-second rule that was tabled yesterday. The rule would have forced teams to wait 10 seconds  before snapping the ball. The rule was favored by Bret Bielema and Nick Saban, who coach traditional offenses, and opposed by hurry-up, no-huddle coaches. However, Fitz said substitution rules should be the same throughout the game. Remember, Michigan was able to get off its game-tying field goal against NU last year without letting the Wildcats substitute because it was late in the game.