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Northwestern plays Purdue in basketball, LET'S NOT BE LAST PLACE


David Banks-USA TODAY Sports

Hey friends! It's Sunday! That means Northwestern plays Purdue in basketball! At Purdue! Three days after they scored 32 points in an entire basketball game against Penn State!

This game is actually hugely important: it's the last game of the Big Ten season, and Northwesern and Purdue are tied for last place. I DON'T WANNA BE LAST PLACE, Y'ALL. The first game between these two was that super-weird horrible double-overtime game that NORTHWESTERN WON and was therefore the greatest game ever played.

But here's the thing: I just got done writing 2,300 words about college basketball. You know, the fun college basketball, the college basketball that does not include this one. Fun college basketball includes another game that starts at exactly the same time as this one, a game featuring two teams, one of which will be in the NCAA Tournament. It brings me great pain to watch this game instead. So I will have to watch both, catercornered on different sides of my screen.

Go Cats?