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Report: Yale big man chooses Northwestern

Northwestern's fifth-year transfer search is finally over. According to Teddy Greenstein, the Wildcats have landed a commitment from Yale big man Jeremiah Kreisberg, who will be eligible immediately.

We can't verify the validity of this, but according to a blog called Mid-Major Chillin, "The Hebrew Hammer" is pretty awesome:
Fun facts about Jerry....

-He's only a vegetarian because growing up as he claims, "growing up I just never liked the taste of meat, I would always spit it out." ----thanks for that one Jerry

-When I met him at the elite camp, when we were seniors in high school, and he looked like he did in the picture below, he claimed he didn't like any music instead he said "Sometimes I'll listen to some techno when I go to a party."

Fun anecdotes aside — you should definitely go to that page and read them all — the Wildcats have been on the lookout for some frontcourt depth all offseason, and after striking out with Rice transfer Sean Obi, who chose Duke, they settled on Kreisberg. Admittedly, I don't know much about Ivy League basketball, but according to someone who does, Kreisberg's probably not going to turn into a star in his lone season in Evanston.

This isn't a long-term solution, but it doesn't have to be. NU won't waste any scholarship space and has at least some semblance of frontcourt depth for next season. The Wildcats can now focus their efforts on recruiting and finding a good big man — from high school or a transfer — next season. That's not a bad deal.