Winning has become a side issue . . .

I came over to "sippin' on purple" to see if there was some news about potential NU players to be drafted (if any).

The only news I found was about UNION!

I don't know if the union is right or wrong for Northwestern. My guess is it is the wrong way to go about being on the right side of an issue (that student athletes should be compensated in some way).

That said, as someone living outside of Evanston I can tell you that Northwestern has become nothing other than "that school trying to unionize". I come here trying to get some news about the draft (heck, in past years even if we don't get anyone drafted there has been SOMETHING about the draft on the front page. . . ) and there is nothing. Just UNION. . . .UNION. .. .UNION. . . .

This will be the 2014 - 2015 season. Even if we are winning, it will be about something other than winning.

For the first year in . . ..well, since I have gone there, I'm not looking forward to the upcoming football season. Not hating, just stating a fact for me.