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EDSBS Charity Drive: Beat Michigan

Do good; troll Michigan.

Gregory Shamus

Every Day Should Be Saturday is both the blog that first attracted me to SBN and proof that Florida grads can rise above the rank of fry cook given enough time and bourbon.

Every spring, EDSBS runs a charity drive to support a refugee resettlement service in Atlanta; every spring, Michigan Men flood the drive with donations large and small, then go home to smugly congratulate themselves about the superior virtue of MANBALL. Unfortunately, those charitable sons of upstanding Michigan matrons over at MGoBlog are the instigators of this orgy of giving; as anyone who has seen our traffic numbers when they link here can attest, we aren't going to match their numbers.

So what can we do to stem the tide? Very simple: take a look at the EDSBS post and the RRISA site. If it looks like a cause you want to support, pick an amount that will remind the Michigan Men of one of the more glorious days in their history (personally, I am fond of $54.51), and make a donation. I don't expect to win the drive, but when Michigan inevitably steamrolls the opposition at least we can stand up and say that we did what we could to stop them.