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Choose your all-time Northwestern basketball lineup

Yesterday, Iowa blog Black Heart Gold Pants put together a "build your own Iowa basketball lineup" feature, with one caveat: You had a $15 salary cap with arbitrarily-decided prices. It looked like this:

So, at the risk of alienating our basketball fans, I decided to do the same thing for Northwestern basketball:


The only rules are that you have to choose one player from each position and you can't spend more than $15. Please note that while I did my best to include older players, it's very difficult to compare those players to more recent ones. Therefore, there is some recency bias. We also fudged a little on the positions to ensure we got the best players possible. Nevertheless, it's still a fun game, and if you have any major issues with how much each player "costs," please let us know in the comments.

For my team, I'll take Evan Eschmeyer, Tavaras Hardy, Vedran Vukusic, Rich Falk and Patrick Baldwin. Who would you take?