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Welsh-Ryan Arena to get a facelift

Northwestern was expected to announce upgrades to Welsh-Ryan Arena on Wednesday, and thanks to Teddy Greenstein, we have an early look at what the arena will look like next season.

In addition to a new jumbotron with video boards facing the north and south bleachers, the east and west sides will both have video boards to accommodate the student sections. And there's more:

Installation will be completed by the fall, with a source telling the Tribune that a new court also will be installed by the fall to replace the purple-splashed one. And pads will be added to some bleachers for enhanced comfort.

Finding a new jumbotron to replace Welsh-Ryan's horribly outdated one has proved difficult. The Wildcats were rumored to have looked into buying an old NBA jumbotron, but that never worked out.

Update: It's official now, and we have another view from the student section.