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LMU transfer Gabe Levin chooses Marquette over NU, Notre Dame

Northwestern missed out on its biggest 2015 transfer target on Tuesday, as Loyola Marymount transfer Gabe Levin — a Chicago area native — announced that he had picked Marquette over NU and Notre Dame.

Levin could have filled a hole at forward and provided more frontcourt depth for NU, but now the Wildcats will have to either find a new transfer or fill that hole with a 2015 high school recruit. Chris Collins has already gotten off to a good start in 2015, with the additions of guard Jordan Ash and forward Derek Pardon. According to NU hoops recruiting guru Nick Medline, the rest of the class looks promising, as well:

And even without Levin, NU's 2015-16 basketball roster is shaping up quite well. Levin would have been a helpful addition, but the future still looks bright for Wildcat hoops.