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Northwestern announces new basketball court

No more watercolor!

The new Northwestern basketball court design has been released by NU Sports, and it's a cleaner, simpler look than we're used to seeing.

The new court last a solid purple lane, rather than the watercolor purple inside the three-point line on the old court, which didn't match the purple on the logo. And the "N-Cat" logo has been replaced by just the "N," which is part of an athletic department initiative to phase out the N-Cat.

So ... what do you think? Simpler was definitely the way to go, and using the same color of purple throughout, along with using just the "N" logo looks pretty nice, in my opinion.

It could have been cool to stain on the Chicago skyline (like Memphis did here), but that was already a longshot given the negative response to the last outlandish court look. Now it's your turn. What do you think of the new court?