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Let's bring back Sips! Here's the first installment

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Back when InsideNU was independent, I loved reading Sippin on Purple for a lot of things. But one of my favorite things to read was Rodgers' "Sips" feature every few days.

We tried doing that for InsideNU and it failed miserably, mainly because we were lazy and didn't want to take the time to make it something regular. However, there have been a lot of times when I've wanted to share things that I think are worth reading, be it about Northwestern sports, other sports or really anything.

So we're bringing back Sips to run every once in awhile, with no expectation that they'll be posted a couple times a week. Rather, I'll post things from time to time — again, some pertaining to Northwestern, some pertaining to sports and some just being really good reads — and hopefully our other writers will too. Here's the first installment of Sips, back from the dead:

ESPN's Lester Munson has a good piece on the O'Bannon trial, with a very interesting quote from Jim Delany:

"If there is an injunction," Delany said, "a stay will give us time to do what we need to do and to change the narrative from litigation and compensation to the collegiate model and academics."

It will be very interesting to see what that means, given that there will very likely be some sort of injunction. Will the conferences actually make substantive change and allow some sort of compromise, or will they go on a major PR run? For anyone interested in the legal or political issues surrounding sports, this will be fascinating to watch.

- Lake The Posts is running through all of the positives surrounding Northwestern football. Here they take a look at Miles Shuler, who has the skill set to fit in very well with NU's offense.

A nice piece by Nick Medline about NU's pitch to an elite basketball prospect.

- The Tribune has a nice profile on Chicago NLRB director Peter Sung Ohr. He had this to say about the Northwestern case: "Looking at the facts and the law, it was not a difficult decision."

- SB Nation's Tom Ziller says Northwestern alum and Rockets GM Daryl Morey can't live up to his own hype.

- If you have the time for a #longread, use it to learn about the many crimes of Mel Hall.

- Last week,'s Adam Rittenberg took a look at three questions facing Northwestern entering Big Ten Media Days.

Read our terms sheet to figure out all the weird things we say.

- We here at InsideNU ask ourselves a lot of questions. I ask why Northwestern is being underrated this year, while Kevin Dukovic asks which highly-touted freshman running back has the best chance to play this year.

This Tennessean article says the SEC Network will have more news than BTN. More opinion/yelling? Sure. But I don't see a Tebow-Finebaum pairing being much about news.

- These are the two best things I've read this summer: