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Pat Fitzgerald is sorry, Nebraska fans

Last week, Pat Fitzgerald caused a bit of a stir when he commented on the "nothingness" in Nebraska, and that a lack of anything to do is what causes Huskers fans to travel to away games:

"It's a pretty boring state, so they're really excited to see Chicago," Fitzgerald said. "I talked to the state senator about putting state troopers out on I-80 (to block them)."

Of course, people overreacted, because Nebraska fans overreact to basically everything. So on Monday, when the Nebraska media got to talk to Fitzgerald, he issued an "apology," stating the obvious that the was just complimenting how impressive it is that Nebraska fans travel that well.

"Our fans need to step up," Fitzgerald said, according to

There was more, too:

Serves you right, Fitz, disparaging the 4-loss tradition of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln (or, as they put it, Nebraska University).