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Big Ten Media Days Sips!

What should you be reading today?

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Big Ten Media Days were on Monday and Tuesday this week, and there was lots of Northwestern content. If you'd like to read all of the Northwestern stuff that happened, check out our stream. But here are some of the longer features — and crazy anecdotes — that I think you might enjoy.

Northwestern news and features at Big Ten Media Days

- Pat Fitzgerald made national headlines on Tuesday when he proposed perhaps the worst recruiting proposal I've heard in awhile. Ryan Nanni of Every Day Should Be Saturday wrote the best thing about this.

Are military themes in college football disingenuous? There was some interesting discussion in the comments on this.

- Northwestern cornerback Daniel Jones is retiring from football after another injury. That's terrible news for the guy, but NU does have a lot of depth in the secondary.

Non-Media Days stuff

- Jon Davis has a really cool look at Northwestern's uniforms, looking at what tweaks could be made and proposing his own uniform set for the upcoming season.

- The Wildcats had two 4-stars decommit from their 2015 recruiting class, and Fitz was as tough about his recruiting policy as ever. Check out Wildcat Digest for all the comments, and make sure to read Nick Medline's column on the need to protect recruits more than schools.

- Lost in all the football stuff is that Chris Collins is coaching the USA Select basketball team, which is a pretty cool opportunity and should be a nice little recruiting tool for NU.

Non-Northwestern stuff

Bo Pelini might have accused Ole Miss of cheating.

- This Jon Solomon article has some quotes from Fitz and Michigan AD Dave Brandon about NCAA change.

- For some reason, reading Ryan Nanni's Fitz article reminded me of the two best stories I've ever read on EDSBS, and I re-read them again yesterday. They discuss religion on sports, and if you don't like that you can stay away from them, but I think they're good things to read objectively.

  1. On giving credit where credit is due
  2. On the worst crutch in sports writing

A chilling read on the concept of "manhood" in minor league baseball, and the exploitation of women throughout the sport.

What did you like? What didn't you like? What did I miss? Leave your comments below.