Fitz says O'Bannon is a "colossal waste of our time"

"It's really just, I think, a colossal waste of our time."

I want to make clear that Fitz is very pro-NCAA change. He's not a fan of a lot of the rules. But he's also against change that comes from outside the system, even though that's really the only substantive change we've seen.

I know Fitz wants to see change in college sports, and he even said he wants to see it across the board, not just in college football. But to dismiss the entire O'Bannon lawsuit as a waste of time is short-sighted — whether he agrees with it or not — considering the lawsuit caused the NCAA to be considered a cartel in violation of antitrust. We'll continue to see this attitude from Fitz, but regardless of intent, he's going to be heavily criticized for characterizing substantive change as a waste of time.