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Kenosha is over! Time for Sips!

Here's what you should be reading this week.

Jonathan Daniel

- To get caught up on everything from training camp, make sure you check out our training camp stream, which has practice notes from each day and a number of features and videos. Also, check out our projected depth chart.

I wrote a joke post about Kenosha. They did not take it well.

Jerry Palm has Northwestern in the Pinstripe Bowl against Pitt. Vacation to New York to watch football at Yankee Stadium? Yes, please.

- Are Northwestern and Nebraska rivals? Chris Johnson has a good look at that, along with the fun tidbit that Nebraska players kicked Northwestern players in the face in a game in 1902.

- Northwestern is opening at home this season. Fitz likes it, Daniel Rapaport doesn't.

Why NU will be okay without Venric Mark.

- The guys at Off Tackle Empire make their picks for Northwestern this season.

- And the only non-NU piece today (but a must-read) ... "America is not for black people"