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Northwestern-Cal weather update

#Investigative #Journalism

Joe Robbins

It might rain for NU-Cal tomorrow. Let's see what everyone's saying, as of 7:30 am CT on Saturday.


Right around a 50 percent chance of storms through 8.

National Weather Service

50 percent at gametime, but it drops to 32 percent at 4 and much lower in the evening.

Weather Channel

50 percent chance around gametime, but 10 percent chance after 5!


Everyone seems to think it's going to storm, they just don't know when. Hopefully that means it will storm once and then be done. And hopefully the front end of the storms with have the lightning, while the back end will just have rain. But regardless, it looks like the game will at least start by 8, which is basically like having a night game. So woo!!! NU might have an opening night game! Rejoice everyone!