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Pat Fitzgerald's Northwestern-Cal postgame quotes

Some interesting stuff on the schemes.

David Banks

Quotes from Fitz's press conference:

- On the early issues: "Obviously that's my responsibility."

- "Hopefully the second half starts to become who we are."

- "The two-quarterback thing was something we had no idea (about)."

- Fitz said the explosive plays were due to a "lack of execution." He also noted the long drives in the first half. That was arguably the biggest issue with the NU defense. Cal has always been good at explosive plays, but terrible at sustaining drives. Their ability to flip that consistently changed the game.

- Fitz called Justin Jackson "a very dynamic back." He said the carries will continue to rotate a lot like they did today.

- Fitz said he thinks that the team has the ability to do 3-3-5, like it did at the beginning of the game, but the way Cal was running, he said "that wasn't the way we wanted to go."

- Fitz said Siemian's "gonna have to move" and thinks he's more athletic than he gets credit for.

- Fitz said he saw Dykes at a coaching convention this offseason: "It was fine then, it was great pregame and it was great postgame."