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Ask Nate Williams anything!

The InsideNU version of a Reddit AMA.

Ever had a question you'd like a Northwestern football to answer without a media filter? Well today is your lucky day! Our own Nate Williams is doing a Reddit-style AMA on InsideNU, with a little bit of a twist to make it logistically easier.

You can comment on any question on this post over the next couple days and you can recommend other people's questions to have them featured more prominently. Then, Nate will answer some of them later this week. Of course, he might not be able to answer all of them, and he's not going to answer something that will obviously get him in trouble (so it might not be best to comment those things in the first place) but hopefully this gives you a nice, unfiltered glance into what it's like to be an NU football player. Ask him about the team, ask him about a game he played in, ask him about his career, ask him what he's up to these days ... ask him anything!

Ask away!