Ranking Northwestern's Prognosticators, Week 1

In a week in which everyone thought Northwestern would win, and it didn't, this is all about whose guesses were least bad. Here is a graphical summary of predictions for this game (New this year! Pictures!).

People were pretty much of the same mind about this game going in. Individual predictions were clustered fairly close to the median prediction, and most people had the margin of victory between 5 and 15 points.

Now, to the rankings for the week. On a technical note, I decided to use root mean squared error for the rankings this season (instead of just mean squared error), in order to make it less difficult to overcome one or two particularly bad predictions. And now, the rankings:

Congratulations to LTP for coming out on top to start the year.

This week, I've just presented people who write for Northwestern blogs. If that's not you, but you consistently predict scores in the comments at Inside NU and would like to be included, leave a comment here and I'll incorporate your week one prediction and look for future predictions going forward. Please only ask to be included if you're very confident you'll predict every week.