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Northwestern practice notes from September 10

Fitz knows you're angry: "No shit."

Jonathan Daniel

Northwestern has a bye this week, but practice was even more intense than usual. Here are our notes from a miserable day in Evanston.

- Usually NU practices inside in inclement weather, even if it's just raining a tiny bit. Today, it was pouring, but they were still outside. Fitz said it's because they might play in that eventually.

- There was way more yelling at practice today than usual. Also, players had to do up-downs whenever someone screwed up.

- The veterans were supposed to get the day off, but most of them were out there today. Again, way more intense than normal.

- Trevor Siemian wasn't out there. He's expected to be back for Western Illinois. Zack Oliver was the first string QB, while Matt Alviti was second string. No change there.

- Fitz on the fans being pissed: "No shit ... we're an embarrassment to anyone who's ever put on the purple and white." He also said that this is the least "tough" team he's had and that they need to execute better, the latter of which I think anyone would agree with.

- Mick McCall doesn't think scheme is a problem. However, he did say they want to be able to power run more and throw six players on the line. They can do that now because of Dickerson. That seems to support the hypothesis that they'd like to mix in some more power plays if the personnel allows for it.

- Fitz said the offensive line play has been inexcusable. If things don't get worked out at right tackle, where Jack Konopka and Eric Olson have both struggled, guard Adam DePietro could get a shot.

- McCall did mention that they want to work in zone read passes and that they have. I haven't really seen them (at least, on all the reads, Trevor's been handing it off), but I think that could be an interesting way to spread the field and open up the offense a little bit.