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Pat Fitzgerald press conference notes: Northwestern vs. Western Illinois

A lot of different topics this week.

Matt Marton-USA TODAY Sports

Here's what Pat Fitzgerald had to say heading into Western Illinois.

- I asked Fitz if they've been playing more heavy sets because they have tight ends that fit that mold, as Mick McCall had said, and if they have recruited that way. He didn't really answer. He just said he liked what they do.

- Fitz said Justin Jackson reminds him of Tyrell Sutton in that he can extend plays.

- Fitz on the Big Ten: "It's early in the year. Not to have success makes you an easy target. I'm sure the media's enjoying it. If you want to change narratives, you've gotta win football games."

- Fitz on the watching football Saturday: "There are a lot of bad football teams in the country."

- Why are they so bad? "The game of football has been so legislated against practice now, it's tough."

- Fitz said the defense hasn't been an issue, except for explosive plays. He also said pressure hasn't been an issue, saying he's seen a lot of play-action and not a lot of dropbacks so far.

- Fitz: "I know people are jumping off the boat. It's not on fire. Just chill."

- Fitz said that CJ Robbins is a high-character guy and has handled the suspension well. Did Fitz think he punched somebody? "Unfortunately, I'm not allowed to discuss some things in the eyes of the league." So ... no.

- Fitz said "some teams have decided to play us a certain way" when I asked why all of Trevor Siemian's reads have ended in handoffs, rather than passes. He said it hasn't been an issue of Siemian making the wrong reads.

- One reason for Northwestern's problems: "We haven't scored in the first quarter." Yeah, that's not ideal