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Northwestern practice notes: September 16

Notes from another intense Northwestern practice.

Matt Marton-USA TODAY Sports

- At one point the team broke out to "kick ass." I haven't heard that one before.

- There were more up-downs today. Practice isn't getting any easier for game week.

- Stephen Buckley had a nice route and catch early today and then another one later. He got targeted more than I expected. Remember, he's solely a wide receiver now.

- Both Garrett Dickerson and Dan Vitale were out there at the same time on one play. When's the last time Northwestern ran the ball with two tight ends?

- On that same note, this is going to shock you, but the power running game wasn't getting a lot of yards again.

- Kyle Queiro jumped a route for a pick six.

- The quarterbacks weren't particularly accurate today, but it was refreshing to see Trevor Siemian make a nice throw to Miles Shuler while facing pressure. And just like his high school days, Matt Alviti really doesn't seem to like throwing from the pocket.

- There are only three defensive tackles on the depth chart, which means some defensive ends might have to move in to help. At one point, Dean Lowry moved in to play tackle with Greg Kuhar, while Connor Mahoney took his spot at end.

- Kyle Queiro was playing some backup corner today.