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Pregame Notes: Northwestern vs. WIU

Some quick notes ahead of NU vs. WIU

- There's a chance of thunderstorms later, but for now, the weather couldn't be much better. And it looks like any rain might hold off until after the game.

- As announced yesterday, Tony Jones remains out for Northwestern. However, Jones was out on the field two and a half hours prior to kickoff doing some running, and he looked pretty good.

- Freshman defensive end Xavier Washington is also sidelined with an injury.

- Northwestern is sporting a new uniform combination -- one which Pat Fitzgerald had some fun discussing on Wednesday. Here is our first look at them during pregame warmups:


- This past week was Wildcat Welcome Week for Northwestern freshmen and transfer students. That means before today's game can kickoff, every single one of those new students has to run across the field, and there's a very good chance it means the game won't start on time. It will also provide a bump in attendance, especially in the student section.

- Northwestern will be on the east sideline today after inhabiting the west sideline against Cal and Northern Illinois. That could just be change for the sake of change, but it probably makes sense given the proximity to the relocated student section.

- Whether today's game ends up being a nail-bitter or a blowout, make sure to follow our gamethread for analysis, GIFs and much more.