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Opponent Links, Week 2- Northern Illinois Huskies

NIU has been the best football program in Illinois as of late, having won 24 straight regular-season games. But they'll be without Jordan Lynch, the dual-threat QB who was the undoubted focal point of the Huskies' offense the past two seasons. Here's some reading for you to familiarize yourself with this year's NIU team.

Donald Miralle

-Northern Illinois played three quarterbacks in their 55-3 blowout win against Presbyterian, but Coach Rod Carey made one thing abundantly clear yesterday: the days of multiple QB's are over. This is Matt McIntosh's team now. For what it's worth, that story has a quote from an NIU player that calls this a "battle for the state" game.

-The Huskies became the first MAC team to ever play in a BCS bowl game when they were controversially selected to play Florida St. in the Orange Bowl, which they lost 31-10. Kirk Herbstreit was one of the harshest critics of NIU's inclusion, but had nothing but positives to tell the Chicago Tribune about the Northern Illinois football program last week.

-This game means a ton to Northern Illinois. They are 0-6-1 against Northwestern all time, but have gone 4-3 against B1G schools in the past seven years and are expecting to win. Expect them to be ready to play come Saturday.

-Here's SB Nation's MAC blog, Hustle Belt, with an in-depth preview of the 2014 Northern Illinois Huskies. Their first game was a glorified dress rehearsal, a 55-3 shellacking of the Presbyterian Blue Hose(s? I honestly don't know, I looked up what a Blue Hose is on the Presbyterian Wikipedia page and it took me to an article titled "Kilt accesories." So are they one collective Blue Hose, or is each player a Blue Hose in himself? Please, if you know the answer, leave it in the comments, I'm dying to know), so Saturday's game is sort of like a season-opener for the Huskies.

-The Huskies will be wearing some slick all-white uniforms on Ryan Field on Saturday. Just got to hope it doesn't rain if you're a Northern Illinois player.