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Trevor Siemian injures leg, says he's fine

He was helped off the field, but walked on the sideline.

Update: Siemian says he'll be fine and it "wasn't as bad as he thought."

Northwestern quarterback Trevor Siemian injured his right leg in the game against Northern Illinois. He was carried off the field without putting any pressure on the leg, but was up and walking on the sideline. Initially, he was holding his knee, but it may have been an ankle, judging from the broadcast. Here's a GIF of the play:


(via BTN)

He was apparently testing it on the sideline.

Zack Oliver came in ahead of Matt Alviti and threw a 54-yard touchdown pass to Pierre Youngblood-Ary. Siemian has struggled at times, but he's been far better than both Oliver and Alviti in practice, and today he moved into 12th all-time on the Northwestern passing list, going past 4,000 yards. Should he be out for an extended period of time, Northwestern's already struggling offense could be in major trouble. The Wildcats are now 0-2 on the season, and despite having some solid offensive players in Miles Shuler, Justin Jackson, Kyle Prater and Solomon Vault, they haven't done much of anything on offense. Even Siemian, he was so good at times in 2012, has regressed.

We'll have more as the situation develops.