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Transcritpt: Fitz reacts to loss

Coach Pat Fitzgerald addressed the media after NU's 23-15 loss to NIU.

"Obviously very disappointed in the outcome of the game," Fitzgerald said. "I saw a lot of things in the second half that we need to remove from our game. I thought we lost our poise. A lot to fix there from a penalty and poise standpoint."

Fitz said: "We beat ourselves. Every time it seemed like we made a play we did something penalty wise offensively, which kills any sort of momentum."

Fitz said: "Defensively I thought we had a really good first half and then we let it get away from us in the second half. It’s tough when you have guys in position to make plays and it doesn’t happen. A lot of work to do. Obviously not the position we want to be in but important week for us now coming back and working hard to get better."

On schematics: "We made some plays out there but we dropped the football. We need to find a way to make plays. We try to put our guys in the best situation to be successful. We haven’t changed anything [since 2012 when the spread was more effective]. We took some shots downfield but we missed."

On Prater: "It means everything for him. I’m really proud of him. He’s persevered and stayed really steady through a lot of negativity that was out of his control."

Fitz said he will potentially reopen competition for some positions this week, but that he has to look at the tape first.

Fitz kept saying that they just didn’t win the one on one battles today.

Fitz said: "Some of our tackling wasn’t great in the second half. And when you give up some of those explosive pass plays, it’s inexcusable."

Fitz said: "Some circumstances really changed when some guys became unable to play and I thought the offensive staff did an outstanding job this morning adjusting some of the personnel giving the guys a plan to go out and be successful. I need to take a good look at the tape before I can really assess how things went."

Fitz said: "We haven’t played consistent enough for any easing off. We’ll put this game to bed, take Monday off and get back to practice."