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Chris Collins postgame quotes: Michigan State

We got a feisty Chris Collins today.

Mike Carter-USA TODAY Sports

Here's what Chris Collins had to say after Northwestern's loss to Michigan State.

- Collins: "I'm heartbroken for my team, because I felt we deserved to win the game. Michigan State was good, but I thought our guys were really good today."

- Collins said the late run "took a lot out of us. We needed to win that game in regulation."

- I asked Collins about playing hero ball toward the end. He said "maybe we were watching different games," and said they weren't playing hero ball. However, NU did go Demps ISO up two with 50 seconds left and opted to not go two-for-one. Moreover, the last play was a Demps heave from the start.

- Collins said he shouldn't have acted how he did on the technical and he deserved it.

- Collins made a crack about stats people overanalyzing things, and that they didn't do anything different, the shots just went in.

- Collins said that if NU is going to upset teams, it's going to have to be when they play games in the 60s.

- We got a LEARN HOW TO WIN reference from a reporter.

- NU played up-tempo a bit in the first half and it worked in getting the Wildcats better shots. Collins said they aren't in a place to always play up-tempo, but he wants them to when they have numbers.

- Collins wasn't concerned about offensive rebounding. Cites rebound margin, which is not a good metric.