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Illinois 72, Northwestern 67: Postgame notes and quotes

Collins stressed that Northwestern's defense did them against Illinois.

David Banks-USA TODAY Sports

Here's what Chris Collins had to say after the loss to Illinois Wednesday:

- Collins said he was really impressed with Nunn and Cosby. He said the game came down to Northwestern's defense and he thought they got what they wanted offensively.

- "We need to be a lot more active," Collins said about the defense. He stressed that they need to increase the aggressiveness and get more deflections.

- Collins said he thought Olah was more aggressive, and they'll take the production he had today every night.

- "This league is about close games. It's about winning close games," Collins said about playing in the Big Ten.

- Collins on Bryant McIntosh's play, "Everyone's talking about Russell and Trimble.... I don't know why he's not getting mentioned as one of the best freshmen in the league."

- Collins said Sobolweski was playing well so he left him in the game. He added that Sobolewski's veteran presence helped calm down McIntosh down the stretch.

- Collins on his decision to make the free throws at the end of the game, "Four and a half seconds is an eternity." He referenced how Minnesota's Deandre Mathieu got down the court in 3 seconds in the final moments against Iowa last night.

- Olah on his three-point shot in the final minutes, "I don't know if there was a ghost or something."