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A Farewell to Lake The Posts

We'll miss you guys. Thanks for everything you've done for the Northwestern blogging community.

Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

Today is the last day of Lake The Posts on the Internet. It's pretty surreal, and to show just how important we think they are to the NU blogging community, we decided to write some nice things.

Kevin Trahan: There are so many good things I could say about Jay and Lake The Posts, and I've really enjoyed the time I've spent getting to know him, particularly when working on the Send The Kids To The Game charity event. The fact that he never hesitated to take on such a big project, despite having work, family, LTP and everything else to deal with showed just how committed he is to helping this community. But what I'll remember the most about LTP, Jay and Philip Rossman-Reich is how welcoming they were when we came onto the Northwestern blogging scene two-and-a-half years ago. They could have been cold and pushed us aside, but they embraced us, promoted us and helped us grow into what we are today. I'll be thankful for that forever, and I know that we never could have gotten off the ground as quickly as we did without their help.

Chris Johnson: I'm going to echo a lot of Kevin's thoughts here, but I think that's ok. I really don't think Inside NU would be where it is today without support from LTP; you guys definitely embraced us and that was huge. I always enjoyed the unique perspective LTP brought to NU sports topics, and boiling it down to the "voice of the fan" feels reductive: you guys were able to draw upon Wildcat supporters' rooting interests while also providing engaging, thoughtful analysis. I wasn't contributing to Inside NU as often this football season as I had over the previous two years or so, but LTP definitely helped keep me up to date with everything on the NU sports scene. It's tough to see you guys decide to shut it down, but I thoroughly enjoyed your coverage and am thankful for everything you did for Inside NU.

Henry Bushnell: Back when I made the decision to come to school here at Northwestern, I remember trying to figure out where I needed to go for the best NU sports coverage. And while there weren't necessarily many big time options, there were a lot of options. Pretty soon though, even before I came on board at Inside NU, I had three go-to sites. I had Scout for recruiting news; I had Inside NU for general news, analysis and just about everything; and I had Lake the Posts... LTP provided a certain community aspect and a "voice of the fan base" perspective that nobody else did. Its content was unique and always thought-provoking. So even as a relative newcomer to the Northwestern sports scene, I recognize that without LTP, there will be a void in NU sports coverage that will be nearly impossible to fill.

We'd love to have our readers give their tributes to LTP in the comments...