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Northwestern-Michigan postgame notes and quotes

Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

Here's what a dejected Chris Collins had to say after another gut-wrenching loss for Northwestern:

- Before we get to any quotes, we've commented before on Collins' demeanor in post-game press conferences. As you can imagine, he was as heartbroken as his players were. At one point, he even seemed to be fighting back tears.

- Collins: "It hurts. It hurts. But it's part of our process. I'm really proud of my team."

- Collins: "They keep getting their hearts ripped out ... [pauses, shakes his head, lost for words]"

- Collins: "My team is a little bit worn out." He said they need to regroup and get ready for Ohio State next week.

- Collins says Sanjay Lumpkin was cramping the whole game, which significantly limited his play.

- Collins said it was tough being without Nate Taphorn, who missed the game with a foot injury

- Collins was adamant that we put a positive spin on the game. He seems to think the reaction to the past few games has been overly negative.

- Collins says Vic Law's injury was a shoulder injury. No word on exactly what it is.

- Collins says he was pleased with the way his team, especially Bryant McIntosh, attacked the 1-3-1 zone that Michigan played.

- Collins: "That kids going to have the ball a lot ."

- McIntosh wasn't made available to the press, but he was seen hugging family members after leaving the locker room.

- Collins on what you tell a player like McIntosh who misses a shot at the end of the game like that: "You just give him a hug."

- Collins on McIntosh: "That kid is going to have the ball in that situation a lot of times in his career. And he's going to deliver a lot more than he doesn't. There's noone that cares more than him."

- Collins: "We all want it now. I want it now. But when when you're in a league like the Big Ten, winning is hard. You have to learn how to fight. You have to go through nights like this to see how tough you are. To see if you can bounce back."

- Collins: "We're going to look back on this when they're juniors and seniors and we're winning big, and we're going to talk about games like this as being part of our process."

- Collins on McIntosh: "He'll bounce back. He'll bounce back. The kid wants the ball. You don't win two state titles in the state of Indiana and be the main guy and not want that ball. You don't come through every time. But I'll tell you what, that kid's a winner."

- Collins: "Write the articles how you want, but I see a lot of good on our team right now."

Here's postgame video of Alex Olah: