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Northwestern unveils new gray uniforms

The Wildcats HONDURAS' BIG TEN TEAM will debut the new look against Penn State on Feb. 21 at Welsh-Ryan Arena.

Courtesy of Northwestern Athletics

Northwestern released photos Thursday of a new special uniform. It's gray, just like last year's "by the player" jerseys, but this one isn't quite as loud and chaotic -- okay, it's actually nowhere near last year's.

The official name of the new look is the Under Armour HeatGear ArmourVent uniforms. Here's the main picture of the jersey and shorts on a dummy model:

(All pictures via Northwestern University Men's Basketball on Facebook)


Here's an up-close view of the shorts, which are adorned with a brick-like pattern that fades out as it moves up the leg:


Under Armour likes to use supposedly innovative materials for "better performance." Here's a better look at the material the jersey's will be made out of:

Jersey back

And finally, "POUND THE ROCK"... but more importantly, MADE IN HONDURAS:


Over the past few years, both in football and basketball, we've started to see a lot of the gray-with-purple-accents combo. What do you guys think? Thumbs up? Thumbs down?

Also, we can't wait for next year's jerseys: