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Postgame notes and quotes: Ohio State 69, Northwestern 67

Collins wasn't as dejected as he has been recently.

Caylor Arnold-USA TODAY Sports

Collins was a lot more upbeat, even confident (and also sarcastic) after tonight's loss. Here's what he had to say:

- Collins on goaltending (non) calls: "I saw everything you guys saw... somebody's got to be held accountable for it."

- Collins was talking about a play Russell made when it was 63-60, and he interjected to say, "when it should have been 63-62." That's a reference to the missed call.

- Collins on late-game plays: "There's always mistakes, but I mean, we had two point blank layups. Those are pretty good looks."

- Collins on what the officials said to him to explain the call: "I don't know. Nothing. That's how it usually is in this league." He is not happy.

- Collins on one late McIntosh turnover when he was trapped: "I should've helped him. We had a timeout. That's on me."

- Collins cut off a reporter who was asking about the block (the non-goaltending call) and asked rhetorically, "was it a block?"

- Collins: "I'm fighting for my guys, man. I'm a fighter. My team's fighter. We're fighting. Just a fighter, man." Um... what?

- Collins: "It's just so tough that they [his players] are not getting the results they deserve."

- Collins: "There's one play, one shot, we've got to get over the hump."

Tre Demps also spoke to the media:

- Demps, weirdly, seemed to not even remember the goaltending call he was being asked about.

- Demps: "It's a play here and there."

- Demps: "We can't have periods of time where we don't play defense" like the second part of the first half.

- Demps, after one Russell three, just shrugged. "There's nothing you can really do," he said.