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Chris Collins postgame notes and quotes: Purdue 68, NU 60

Collins blamed Northwestern's rough stretch to start the second half for the eight-point loss.

David Banks-USA TODAY Sports

The loss wasn't heartbreaking as ones prior, but Collins was just as unhappy with the performance.

- Collins said the game was lost in the first six minutes of the second half and NU didn't come out of the locker room with enough intensity.

- Collins said he thought Purdue's physicality bothered Olah. He referred to Hammons and Haas as "battering rams" and a "two-headed monster."  He said they are hard to play against and hard to officiate.

- Collins said he was tougher on the team after this loss. After the recent close losses however, Collins said "I'll be the first one to hug and cry."

- "Point blank shots" were something Collins harped on. He said Olah and the team missed too many of those looks to win.

- Collins on Law and Lindsey: "A huge part of our growth is the development of Vic and Scottie.... I'd like to see these guys the last dozen games of the year really take another jump."

- Collins said he went with an offensive lineup in the second half and that's why Sanjay Lumpkin only played ten minutes.

- Tre Demps said the way Purdue played NU's ball screens gave him and McIntosh the most offensive opportunities. Demps and McIntosh had 30 of Northwestern's 55 field goal attempts.