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Northwestern vs. Nebraska GameThread

Let's watch a football game together

Jerry Lai-USA TODAY Sports

Inside NU is out in Lincoln on a beautifully sunny October morning. It's almost hard to remember that the 5-2 (1-2) Northwestern Wildcats are here to play a football game against the 3-4 (1-2) Nebraska Cornhuskers.

Although the capacity crowd here at Memorial Stadium snaps you back to reality real quick.

Northwestern needs this game, and they need it badly. After cruising to a 5-0 start that saw the Wildcats climb into the top 15 in the country, two brutal losses at the ahnds of Michigan and Iowa have all but knocked Northwestern out of the Big Ten West title conversation. But a win on the road in as hostile of an environment the Big Ten has to offer would clinch bowl eligibility and maybe provide a launching pad going into a bye week to retool and make a late season push.

Nebraska on defense is vulnerable in the air and stout on the ground. Their offense has been racking up the yards and points in recent games. The deck seems to be stacked against Northwestern. But with their backs against the wall, can the 'Cats get back on track?

Let's watch a football game together. Please be respectful and insightful in the comment section below. But mostly let's have fun, y'all!