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Every Week Is Hate Week, Week 11: PURDUE NEEDS YOUR HELP

When you step back and take a look at it, college football is full of odd and comical minutiae. That's what makes it great. Every program has quirks that make it unique and also laughable to the outside world.

So each week during the 2015 season, Ben Goren will explore the weird ticks of Northwestern's opponents. Because... well, because Every Week is Hate Week.

This week, we have Purdue.

Oh, Purdue. Good old Purdue.

But here's the thing: Although Every Week Is Hate Week, and Every Week will always be Hate Week, it's simply impossible to hate Purdue. It's like beating up on a toddler in video games.

So instead, we urge you to reach out to those in West Lafayette. They need your help. Or at least hold them in your hearts. Take a moment out of your day to think about the Boilermakers and their fans...

And be glad you're not one of them.