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Wisconsin fans bored with game, enamored with snowballs

Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

MADISON, Wisconsin -- Throughout the first half of No. 21 Wisconsin's game against No. 20 Northwestern, snow pelted the field. But the source of the snow was not from the heavens above, but rather from the student section.

While the Wisconsin grounds crew cleared the turf of snow prior to the game, the bleachers remained covered in snow, prompting the students -- probably restless as their Badgers fell behind the Wildcats 10-0 after two quarters -- to launch orbs at each other.

But then, the students turned on the cheerleaders, who had to be evacuated from the field to avoid the onslaught of snowballs coming their way.

In response, the UW Madison police began to escort snowball-throwers out of the stadium, pleading with fans to avoid engaging in the winter pastime.

We will continue to monitor the snow situation.