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Citrus Bowl confirms it will decide between Michigan and Northwestern if Ohio State, Iowa and Michigan State go to New Year's Six bowls

Jim Dedmon-USA TODAY Sports

The Citrus Bowl confirmed on Twitter Sunday that its Big Ten selection will come down to Northwestern and Michigan, assuming Iowa, Michigan State and Ohio State all go to New Year's Six bowls:

Northwestern is, of course, technically still in play for a New Year's Six bowl itself. But, after Florida State's win over Florida Saturday, the Wildcats' chances look slim.

Northwestern should then be headed to either the Citrus Bowl or Outback Bowl, both of which are played on New Year's Day against SEC opponents. The Citrus Bowl gets first pick. The Outback Bowl then gets assignments from the two conferences, though the organizers work closely with the conferences to decide on teams.

The Citrus Bowl account has also been live-tweeting its own selection committee meeting... without naming specific teams:

Speculate as you will...