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Northwestern-Mississippi Valley State press conference notes: Chris Collins, Bryant McIntosh speak after NU's win

David Banks-USA TODAY Sports

EVANSTON -- Northwestern cruised to a 78-48 win over Mississippi Valley State on Tuesday night to move to 9-1 on the year. Here's what Northwestern head coach Chris Collins and guard Bryant McIntosh had to say about the game:

Chris Collins

  • On Alex Olah, who scored 21 points and grabbed 11 rebounds: "Olah was the story of this game and he should have been... [We had] a bigger sense of urgency [about getting the ball into the post] and worked on it a bit yesterday. But we passed up some open looks. They kind of went the other way with it, but that's okay..."

  • On looking forward to the game against DePaul on Saturday: "It sets up a big game for us Saturday. The guys are excited. Two young programs with coach Dave Leitao in his first year and me in my third year." Leitao just began his second stint as DePaul's head coach. He coached the Blue Demons from 2002-2005.

  • On a reason Northwestern looked to get the ball into Olah besides the fact that he was by far the biggest player on the floor: "We really settled for threes in the first half [against Chicago State]."

  • On the run of playing Mississippi Valley State: "They've reached out to us. They love to come to Chicago... It's a give and take and it's just worked out that way... They have a couple Chicago guys on their team... They have yet to have a home game. That's crazy."

  • On practice habits this week: "We're a little bit banged up... So it's hard to go too hard... I've always believed that fresh bodies and fresh minds are of utmost importance. It will be nice to have a little extra time to practice... This month is a time where the team can get better... And we need to get better."

Bryant McIntosh

  • On Olah's busted teeth: "He looks a little funny right now so we're doing all we can to make him smile in the locker room right now."

  • On getting the ball into Olah: "It was a big emphasis." After looking at the film, he said, Collins made sure to help his team recognize when they had missed Olah in the post against Chicago State.