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Northwestern hires Shane Davis as new head volleyball coach

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He's a two-time national champ

David Banks-USA TODAY Sports

Northwestern has hired Shane Davis to become its new head women's volleyball coach according to a release from the athletic department. It was announced earlier in the month that former head coach Keylor Chan would not return for next season.

Davis has built a strong reputation for himself as a winning coach, having captured two national titles in 12 years as the head coach of the Loyola men's volleyball team. He went 288-65 in his time with the Ramblers and won four Midwestern Intercollegiate Volleyball Association (MIVA) Coach of the Year titles. He also played for the Ramblers from 2000-2003, and in his senior season was named Loyola's Male Athlete of the Year, a First-Team All-MIVA performer and a second team All-American.

This year's team went 14-17 overall and just 6-14 in conference play, but pulled an upset of historic proportions when it took down Penn State, the defending champions and the No. 3 team in the nation at the time, in Evanston.