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Here's what I learned about Tennessee from its fans on Twitter

It was truly an educational day.

Northwestern found out Sunday that it will be facing Tennessee in the Outback Bowl, and like clockwork, Vols fans were quick to tell Northwestern fans and players that they are bad.

Here's what I knew about Tennessee heading into this game:

  1. In all the games I watched them play — all losses, to Alabama, Florida, Arkansas and Oklahoma — they seemed to have some nice players. Josh Dobbs is fine. So is Jalen Hurd.
  2. Ever since a 13-7 loss to Wyoming in 2008 — a game it also lost — Tennessee has either been bad or mediocre, and definitely irrelevant.
  3. They weren't good enough for Lane Kiffin.

But luckily, Tennessee fans were there to let us at Inside NU know everything about their team. So here's what I learned from them, based solely on their tweets.

Tennessee plays in the worst Power 5 division in college football

I keep hearing about this "SEC" thing, and when I dug further, I found that Tennessee plays in something called the "SEC East." As it turns out, the SEC East is the worst division in the major conferences, and it's way worse than Northwestern's division, the Big Ten West.


And they still only went 8-4! Man, that's rough.

Rocky Top is trash

I had never heard Rocky Top before today, but people were talking about it on Twitter, so I decided to check it out. I'm a pretty big country/bluegrass/folk fan, which is rare for someone who went to Northwestern, so I figured I might like Rocky Top. NOOOOOOOOOPE. Rocky Top is damn trash. How do you mess up a song with a banjo and a fiddle? How do you ruin Dolly Parton? I don't know! But Tennessee found out how to do it. Good one, Vols.

Tennessee football has more Twitter followers than Northwestern football

This is technically accurate! Also, I had a sandwich for dinner today. And the sky is blue. Oh and Northwestern plays a football game against Tennessee on January 1. How many unrelated facts can we name at once!?

They were SUPER excited about going 6-6

Tennessee went 6-6 last year, and they were so excited about it that a bunch of fans drove to Jacksonville — certifiably the worst city in America — to watch their Vols play.

So ... Tennessee is Nebraska?

  • Haven't been relevant nationally in a long time? Check.
  • From an awful place? Check.
  • Insecure about their bad football team so they have to talk about having fans? Check.

I understand now!


So what have I learned today on Twitter dot com?

To recap:

  1. Tennessee has been pretty bad at football in recent years.
  2. Their fans get REALLY excited about mediocrity.
  3. They play terrible teams.
  4. They are, however, good at listing facts.
  5. Their music is trash.

Thank you to Tennessee fans for teaching me about yourselves. I look forward to learning more soon.