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Ibraheim Campbell, Northwestern pro day(s) updates

Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports

After pumping out 23 bench press reps Sunday at the NFL Combine, Ibraheim Campbell chose not to run or do an on-field workout with the rest of the defensive backs. We now know that was due to a tight hamstring.

The tight hamstring also means Campbell likely won't run the 40-yard dash at Northwestern's Pro Day, which will be next Tuesday, March 3. There is not yet a complete list of attendees, but Campbell will be there, as will Trevor Siemian.

Northwestern will also hold a secondary Pro Day, like it did last year for Kain Colter. This will presumably be in late March or early April, and while originally scheduled for Trevor Siemian, who is recovering from a torn ACL, it will also likely be when Ibraheim Campbell runs his 40 and goes through position specific drills in front of scouts.