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Kentucky fans didn't like our tweet, and all hell broke loose

Kentucky fans on twitter are fun.

Mark Zerof-USA TODAY Sports

Northwestern beat Indiana, meaning a 4 game Big Ten winning streak, meaning the longest conference winning streak in more than 4 decades, meaning, of course, Joe Lunardi should be looking to add some purple into his next bracketology.  Naturally, we at Inside NU were excited, and decided to voice our unfiltered optimism.

We were firmly unprepared for what followed.

It started off as mere joking between fanbases.  But then twitter happened.

We had, of course, the hyperbolic kind of tweets that would've made sense had this been January 1st, 2000.

The obligatory emoji spamming.

And more fun stuff from fans who probably need to realize that less than 100 percent of the stuff tweeted is, surprisingly, not meant to be taken seriously.

Some Louisville fans got a kick out of all this too...

But, seriously. We do want Kentucky. Or maybe...