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Pat Fitzgerald Signing Day press conference Bingo

Pat Fitzgerald's press conference just got a whole lot more interesting...

Back in January, Iowa's SB Nation site Black Heart Gold Pants faced the prospect of a Kirk Ferentz press conference that they expected to be "completely devoid of any news." So what to do? Play Bingo, of course!

So naturally, we had to poach the idea. We all know Pat Fitzgerald has his go-to phrases and manerisms, so let's have some fun with them:


Follow the press conference, and when you get Bingo, tweet at us, comment on our Facebook posts, blow up the comments of this article, etc. First person to do so wins... a million dollars absolutely nothing.

UPDATE NO. 1: Fitz, an avid Inside NU reader, opened up his press conference with, "Thanks Paul, I guess we can all play Bingo now."

UPDATE: We were a "Wildcat Way" away from DOUBLE BINGO! But we just missed out.

Bingo results

Maybe next year... Or next press conference.